Board Management Efficiency – Using Board Portals and Software to Improve Efficiency

Many people think about the efficiency of management on boards in terms of directors and how they can be equipped with the most effective practices to speed up decision-making and promote best practices. But, a successful and well-functioning board is a tangled web of components that have to come together in order to be effective. This includes focusing the structure of the board on performance, setting up regular evaluation procedures, and creating a collaborative culture that supports high-functioning councils.

A crucial aspect to accomplishing all of this is the correct use of tools for managing boards. Board portals are an excellent example of this, since they facilitate communication between board members and facilitate sharing documents in an secure environment. This eliminates the necessity of sending lengthy email chains, which can cause confusion about versioning. All participants can easily access and review the information they require.

It is also crucial to ensure that all committees and groups benefit from the same efficiencies of the board through the use of board software to manage their daily tasks. Everyone will have the information they need to make rapid decisions while sensitive information is secured and only accessible to the right people.

This can be accomplished by making sure that everyone has access to the full range of board features, such as chat and annotating tools, as well as convenient virtual meeting integrations, while still being able to create specific access controls for each piece of confidential information. Memorial Health System, for example has been able to expand its use of board software to include multiple committees as well as other internal groups. This has led to additional efficiencies beyond the traditional board level.

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