How to Protect Emails From Cybercriminals

Email is a popular tool for business communication. It is used to communicate within companies, and also with customers and partners. Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in email in a variety of ways since it is so widely used. From spam campaigns and malware threats to phishing attacks, as well as business hacking, hackers exploit the vulnerability of emails to target individuals and businesses alike.

There are numerous ways to take care to protect your email. You can accomplish this using an VPN such as ClearVPN, which encrypts all your internet traffic, including emails. You can also use a strong password to protect your email account. A strong password should be at a minimum of 12 characters in length and contain a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters as well as numbers and unique characters. It’s also important to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) whenever you can. This adds a layer of security, requiring you to enter a code from your smartphone or other device in addition to your password when logging into your email account.

Also, make sure you ensure that you scan all attachments and hyperlinks before opening them. It’s a good idea too, to use a tool that can detect harmful links and warn you before you click them. It is also recommended to avoid logging in to check your email on public Wi-Fi since cybercriminals can monitor your online activity and steal your personal information.

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