Hybrid Board Meetings

As board members return to in-person meetings, hybrid board meetings are the new trend. This new format allows for the flexibility of meeting in person and remotely at the same time, reducing costs and increasing accessibility. It is vital that your business sets up meeting guidelines and expectations, regardless of whether you prefer all-virtual or in-person meetings with remote attendees. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure the technology is optimally optimized by establishing clear guidelines www.itsboardroom.com/how-to-set-up-successful-hybrid-board-meetings/ for participation, and communicating with purpose.

Hybrid board meetings don’t come without their challenges. Certain board members may be unhappy about not being permitted to interact with each other in the same room, or feel that their contributions are not as meaningful because they can’t provide face-toface the context of their peers or their remarks. Meeting experts recommend focusing on proactive ways to facilitate collaboration, such as opening virtual rooms for social interaction before and during meetings as well as during breaks, and utilizing tools like boards portals to help centralize the work of your board.

A common issue is various levels of technical expertise among board members. As a result, some remote participants could be excluded from the discussion or have their participation hindered due to shaky audio, poor video or a slow internet connection. Educating your board on how to make use of the technology and ensuring they have access to dependable equipment prior to the meeting can help them deal with these challenges effectively.

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